The IT company Frame hired me after an interview we did for as they liked the shots, so I made a few more!

Here you can see a BTS shot by Dunja. I was using a Profoto B2 mounted inside a 120cm umbrella mounted octabox and a reflector for pretty much all of these shots. Everything was tethered via TetherTools high visibility orange cable.

And here you can see me holding a pen holder in front of my lens for that nice foreground element.

Below you can pretty much see the whole setup. For this one, octa was that high because this guy has a lot of monitors.

On this shoot, I learned that this is the sign for friendzone!

And I also did some headshots for the crew.

Everything was shot on a Canon 5D Mark 3, with Sigma Art 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4, and Canon 85mm f1.8.